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Directory Of Reiki

Directory of Reiki lists practitioners from Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver and other places in the United States.  Find below short bios and links to various healers. If you want learn about different kinds of Reiki, please click on button below.

Canadian Flog

Canadian Reiki Practitioners Toronto

Orion Mott

Orion Mott reiki practitioner chakra balancing energy healer Toronto

Orion Mott is a modern day mystic combining many years in the martial arts into a career as a noted healer in Toronto and online. He holds certifications as a Usui Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Bio-Mechanical Specialist, BodyTalk practitioner, certified Life Coach, Okinawan martial artist and Chinese healing arts teacher, Shamanic practitioner, and concussion healer, and Personal Training.  Orion balances practical scientific knowledge with esoteric and intuitive abilities.  Orion uses a combination of Reiki and Medical Intuitive therapies in his Integrated Sessions.  These sessions can be done in person in Toronto or Online.

Kimeiko Dover-Hotta

Kimeiko Reiki master energy healing

Kimeiko is a Usui/Holy Fire III ART/ Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher, qualified to teach Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki Master Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher and Karuna Reiki®, both in-person and online.  In addition, she is a co-developer and teacher / facilitator of Reiki for Self Care and the Grow a Reiki Business course which offers support and mentorship to new Reiki Master Practitioners and Reiki Master Teachers.  Kimeiko is based in Toronto for in person or online sessions.

Shauntahl Belgrave-Albrektsen

Shauntahl Belgrave-Albrektsen energy healing Ontario

Practicing Reiki since 2001, Shauntahl is a teacher and intuitive healer that supports you through huge transformative times in your life so you can easily align to your soul.

Paul Lara

Paul Lara reiki and meditation master

‘Paul Lara is a 5th Generation Komyo Reiki practitioner lineage holder under the Japanese line of Usui Sensei. He studied with Inamoto Hyakuten Sensei for 3 years, while living in Kyoto, Japan. Trained traditionally under respected masters in Japan as well as China, Paul holds a 20th Generation Tai Chi lineage and a 5th Generation QiGong lineage from Beijing. Paul’s school, QiBelly, is located in Parkdale, Toronto. He offers training, treatments and certification courses in Reiki, Meditation, QiGong and Tai Chi.

Lisa Kavanagh

Lisa Kavanagh Scarborough

As a strong advocate of natural therapies with a holistic (mind, body, spirit) approach to wellness, Lisa is a certified Hypnotist, Reiki Master\Teacher, Past Life Regressionist and active member of the National Guild of Hypnotists since 2019.

Practicing energy work for over 5 years, Lisa received her 1st level Reiki certification in 2014 and finally her Master’s in 2017. Using her natural ability to perceive energy, she is highly sensitive and intuitively guided, with the ability to accurately assess her client’s energy flow, while working to connect and support them on a meaningful level.

Graduating in 2012 with High Honours from Centennial College’s Addiction Studies program with a certificate in Counselling Skills, Lisa has a variety of clinical experience working with individuals and families effected by eating disorders, addiction and PTSD at the private rehab facility – Bellwoods’ Health Services.

Using a blend of both hypnosis and energy work, Lisa specializes in helping clients build their inner strength, clear limiting beliefs and emotional blockages as they work towards their individual goals in a secure and non-judgmental space.

As an individual who has struggled with her own personal health, family addictions and anxiety related issues in the past, Lisa infuses a unique blend of education, clinical /life experience and intuition into her practice with a genuine warmth and understanding that puts her clients at ease, allowing them to truly open up during the healing process.

April Miranda

April Miranda reiki master, dancer, and Life Coach

In my many lives as a contemporary dancer, film and television actor, kinesiologist, yoga instructor, Reiki Master, entrepreneur, I have always been committed to evolving to my fullest expression in this lifetime to inspire other souls to do the same. When I hit bottom mentally and emotionally, my health, business and relationships were no longer thriving. That was when I decided to take my Life-Coach Certification and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Training. That course gave me a new perspective of human behaviour, the mind, reality and my purpose on this planet. I am passionate about activating souls to take inspired action towards their best selves NOW! Through one-on-one coaching, yoga classes, courses and public speaking, it is my intention to commit to world peace, one mind at a time. Let me help you remember who you are today!

Timea Urban

Timea Urban reiki practitioner and Life coach

I’m an Energy Alignment Coach, Reiki practitioner and Master, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neurolinguistic Program Practitioner and Registered Nurse who specializes in the intersection of mind, body, and soul healing. Consider me equal parts science nerd and modern day mystic! My life changed when I realized my biggest obstacles were my greatest teachers. My darkest hour gave me an opportunity to rebuild myself from the inside out. Now it’s my mission to help others do the same. Based in Toronto and Prince Edward County.

Marta Melinda Pap

Marta Pap reiki class teacher and more

Marta Melinda Pap is the owner of Alternative Healer Toronto in downtown, and Healing Bay Wellness Clinic in Mimico. She is a Reiki-Master-Teacher who taught over 200 Reiki practitioners and 30 Reiki Masters in Toronto.

Not only does she have 12 years of experience in the Health & Wellness field, but she also holds a Masters of Education in Counselling Psychotherapy from the University of Toronto. Her high qualifications make her knowledgeable about how to treat anxiety and stress for professionals, and specializes in couples therapy as well. In terms of her energy healing sessions, her chakra balancing is the #1 in the GTA where she combines all of her modalities into one magical integrated energy healing session including advanced Reiki, Crystal, Sound healing and Angel therapy. She’s an Angel medium and communicates messages through to her clients.

If you’re looking for life changing transformations and angelic guidance make sure to book her services. Kindly note, she provides way more than Reiki services. If you want specifically Reiki, she will direct you to her junior practitioners. She enjoys working with clients who want energetic shifts in their lives.

Cherokee Macleod

cherokee macleod Reiki healer Toronto

Cherokee MacLeod is a registered Reiki Master Teacher (#16-037 RT) with the Canadian Reiki Association.
In addition to her private practice, Cherokee also volunteers with Hospice Toronto providing Reiki as a complimentary therapy to palliative care clients.

In 2019, she volunteered with Global Healthworks Foundation on a humanitarian outreach project serving underserved communities in Guatemala. During this amazing experience Cherokee was able to teach Reiki to the local volunteers and provided healing to over 200 people.

Cherokee has been working with energy healing modalities for over 10 years and connected with Reiki when she received her first treatment in 2014. She is well known energy healer in Ontario

Julie Cook

Reiki healer Julie Cook in Toronto, Canada

I am a certified Reiki Master, Teacher, Sound and Energy Practitioner and Spiritual Mentor. My professional background is in training and education, and motivational speaking, from which I’ve accumulated the tools and skills to help guide others. Channeled through to my energy healing therapy sessions and tarot readings – I apply my psychic and clairvoyant gifts, which many have found beneficial or transformational in their lives.

I work with higher dimensional light beings, my client’s higher self, the angel/spirit realms, and the Akashic Record.

I specialize in mentoring and awakening Lightworkers and Starseeds. I also guide the newly awakened so I can support their life purpose so they can walk the path they are meant to. Contact me for energy healing and more.