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Directory Of Reiki

Ottawa Reiki Practitioners. Directory of Reiki lists practitioners from Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver and other places in the United States. Find below short bios and links to various healers. If you want learn about different kinds of Reiki healers, please click on buttons below each image.

Reiki Practitioners in Ottawa

Canadian Flog

Diane Godin

Diane Godwin reiki master Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Reiki is a Spiritual therapy that provides Healing Energy to recharge and rebalance the human Energy field.​​ ​Reiki provides physical, mental, emotional, and Spiritual Healing. ​​

Diane uses a form of therapy that is either hands-on or no-touch, during which the client remains fully clothed. She combines Reiki with Visualization Techniques, Reading Auras and Chakras, and Psychic abilities to locate and remove Energy blockages and improve the Energy flow in a person.​Diane is adept at improving the symptoms of various health conditions by focusing on relieving anxiety, stress, and pain.

​Diane has the unusual ability to combine her natural Healing gifts with her Psychic Mediumship, creating a unique and powerful form of Intuitive Healing. Diane can also combine other ritualistic and Shamanic methods with her Energy Healing, raising a person’s energy vibration to an even stronger Healing and relaxation experience.

Often during the course of a session, Diane will receive guidance and messages from the client’s departed loved ones or Spirit Guides. She provides a remarkable Healing experience unlike any other.

Stephanie at Healing Cabin Ottawa

Stephanie reiki master Ottawa

Reiki Practitioner at The Healing Cabin Ottawa.
Stephanie is a certified Reiki Master & Teacher and has been practicing since 2014. Her sessions (both in-person and distance) are intuitively guided with messages coming in directly from your soul to assist with your journey of healing, growth, restoring balance, and deepening your connection with your soul. Currently servicing the Ottawa and Ottawa West area and located on the fringe of Stittsville, Stephanie works out of her home, a beautiful log cabin nestled into the woods just moments away from busy suburban life. This space is a sanctuary for peace and restoration, which holds the perfect energy for healing sessions.

Germaine De Peralta

Germaine De Peralta reiki Ottawa

Germaine is an Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Teacher and a Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher based in Ottawa. She teaches Reiki Certification Classes and training for all levels of Usui Holy Fire® III Reiki and Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® in Canada and internationally. She gives Reiki healing sessions in Ottawa.

She specializes in Holy Fire® Reiki, a cutting-edge, powerful and highly spiritual form of Reiki, that is an evolution of Usui-Tibetan Reiki. She studied and trained in Holy Fire Reiki under Reiki Master William Lee Rand, President of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) in the United States. As a Professional Member of the ICRT she continues to train with the ICRT regularly so she can offer her clients and students the best services.

Michelle Dubin

Michelle Dubin Reiki master and healer Ottawa

My passion is to identify and heal energy blocks and imbalances which may be preventing you from truly living and being happy. As we work together, I will also teach you how to trust and strengthen your own intuition; because once your intuition is strong and the energy is flowing freely, your purpose in this life becomes so much more clear!

We all have the ability to connect: to our higher selves, to universal energy, to our guides and to our loved ones. It’s simply a matter of creating a clear channel, and then learning how to tap into that spiritual connection.

Michelle offers Reiki therapy and Intuitive counselling.